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Uptime 99.7%
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Dowland and get access to your proxy-server using the HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols. You can also download proxy lists. No restriction and flexible filtering.
Total anonymity
Logging is missing — Unlike obsolete proxy-provider, proxy-servers ACDE confronts such methods of detection like DNS Service discovery, TCP stack fingerprints, and port discovery.
Over 70K proxies
Use only legitimate residential whitelisted IP-addresses from anywhere in the world

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Use cases

Social media marketing

Gather public data without restrictions with free trial of residential proxies ASocks.
Reach and influence your target audiences
Understand your customer's journey
Optimize campaign spending

Proxies for Market Research

Get actionable intel on your audience, customers pain points, effective keywords and audience preferences witn residential proxy ASocks.
Collect data about your competitors and customers
Explore foreign markets
Spend your marketing budget wisely

Anonymous web browsers

Do you want to remain anonymous, scraping data and engage in arbitration without restriction? Start 7-day trial of residential proxies ASocks.
Secure your data
Unblock prohibited websites
Disguise yourself as real user

Search Engine Crawler

Scraping data from Yahoo, Google, Yandex and other search engine crawler with free 7-days trial of residential proxies ASocks.
Monitor keyword rankings, pricing and products
Collect full and accurate data about customers
Conduct deep market research

Brand protection

Be proactive about your brand's reputation and don't let scammers cash in on your intellectual property. And residential proxies ASocks will help you in this business.
Fight against scammers
Avoid the protection of phishing sites
Work with web scraping of a large data array

Travel aggregation

Collect accurate information from many hotel and flight company websites with residential proxies ASocks.
Comparing Prices Online
Avoid geo-restrictions
Work with dynamic websites

Market research

Do you want to be in loop about your target audience, their interests, preferences, and pain points? Start 7-day trial of residential proxies ASocks.
Protect your brand
Verify ad campaigns with accuracy
Find new traffic sources and reach larger audiences

Web data extraction

Analyze prices and demand on your products, scraping data and unblock prohibited websites
Keeping your information accurate
Send an unlimited number of requests
Use geotargeting capabilities

Stock market data

Verify lenders, creditors and conduct in-depth background checks guaranteeing well-researched investment and stock market opportunities with residential proxies ASocks.
Extract the most precise alternative data
Compile needed banking data as well as in-depth loan assessment information
Stay completely anonymous

Proxies for Ecommerce

Collect accurate information about competitors on e-commerce resources and parsing with resident ASocks proxies.
Monitor consumer sentiment
Changing your pricing strategy with data about rivals
Understand the journey of your potential customers and uncover challenges they face

SEO monitoring

Do you want to Improve your SERP positions in real-time and expand the list of basic queries for further parsing of the semantic core? Start 7-day trial of residential proxies ASocks.
Optimize your paid campaigns and cut cost per click
Find out how your content works regionally
Improve your on-page and off-page SEO strategies

Website testing

Try to check the localization of your website right now with free 7-day trial of residential proxies ASocks.
Automate real-time data collection
Maintain the quality of the site and filter out broken links
Increases your geo-targeting options
Social media marketing
Proxies for Market Research
Anonymous web browsers
Search Engine Crawler
Brand protection
Travel aggregation
Market research
Web data extraction
Stock market data
Proxies for Ecommerce
SEO monitoring
Website testing

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