AdsPower Synchronizer: Complete User Guide

In March, we announced the Synchronizer - a special feature that allows you to manage multiple profiles simultaneously. Since then, several months have passed, and we have significantly improved the functionality of the Synchronizer. To fully understand this unique AdsPower feature, we will tell you about it in this article.

What is the synchronizer

The synchronizer allows you to perform the same tasks in multiple profiles simultaneously. Actions that you perform in one (main) window, which is highlighted in light blue, are automatically repeated in other windows. This can include opening a new tab, clicking a button, or entering text.

Often, when using an extension or registering on a website through a third-party service account, pop-up windows appear. Don't worry, synchronization between pop-up windows is also possible.

Even more surprising is the ability to synchronize when using multiple monitors.

Using the Synchronizer is very simple: you just need to start the profiles in which you want to synchronize actions, and then go to the Synchronizer section and click the Start synchronization button.

Now let's look at how window management and text management work in the Synchronizer.

Window Management

Viewing windows

When opening multiple profiles (or windows), by clicking on the View windows button, you can bring the selected windows to the front.

Window mosaic

You can use the window mosaic to display all open windows together, so you can see what is happening in each window in real time.

Window size

By default, all windows have the same size when arranged next to each other. However, there are two ways to resize windows after starting synchronization:

  • Resize the main window to the desired value, and then click the Uniform size button to make all windows the same size.
  • Adjust the Position, Size, Spacing, and Quantity settings to see the desired window layout in mosaic mode.

Text Management

Text input

Currently, only English text can be synchronized in the open profiles. If you need to enter text in another language, here's what you need to do:

  • Enter the text in the Identical text field if you want it to appear in all windows.
  • The Clear text and Paste text functions allow you to simultaneously clear and paste text into windows, respectively.
  • Users sometimes need to enter a random number in each window, and for this, the Random number option may be useful to you.


We have added a delay between clicks and text input to provide time intervals between them in different windows. For example, if you set the click speed from 300 to 500 ms, the same click action you perform in the main window may complete in 400 ms in the second window and another 400 ms in the third window. This delay makes the synchronization process more similar to the actions of a real person.

Other Settings

Keyboard and Mouse Actions

In the settings, you can choose which keyboard and mouse actions can be synchronized.

Separate Console

You can open the console in a separate window by clicking the (button) or using the hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+E.


By default, there are several hotkeys available to perform specific tasks:

  • Start synchronization: Ctrl + Alt + S
  • Stop synchronization: Ctrl + Alt + D
  • Reload synchronization: Ctrl + Alt + R
  • Open console in separate window: Ctrl + Alt + E
  • Arrange windows in mosaic: Ctrl + Alt + Z

If you want to change the hotkey combination, simply click the "×" button to clear the current key combination, then enter the desired key combination and click Save to complete the change.

Your feedback means a lot to us

Feel free to share your feedback about the Synchronizer - it will greatly help us improve this feature!