Why is Dolphin{anty} + Asocks an ideal bundle for creating multiaccounts?

A bundle of antiks and proxies is needed for different tasks — traffic arbitration, targeting and context settings for a large number of clients, SMM, crypto trading, betting on multiple accounts and other conditionally “white” activities. If there are a lot of tasks, then no less solutions are needed. But the Dolphin anty + Socks bundle is so good and versatile that it solves them all in one fell swoop.

Why is that? On the one hand, this is the powerful work of Dolphin anty to replace browser prints and create a unique viewing environment. On the other hand, the IP addresses of the Socks proxy look as natural as possible in the eyes of Facebook, Google, Tik Tok and other sites.

⚡️Dolphin anty — maximum anonymity

The browser is checked not only by IP and cookies: checkers scan the user agent, fonts, settings, as well as hardware, that is, all the characteristics of the device. A good antique selects real combinations of these parameters and because of this, browser profiles look natural. As a result, Facebook, Google, and other sites will not only not recognize the old user in the new profile, but will also entrust the creation and use of a new account.

Try to pass well-known checkers like Pixels can, Phai in your real browser, which you use every day. Most likely, at least one of the checks will indicate that you are trying to substitute a browser fingerprint or something similar.

Screenshot of the Pixelscan test result in a regular Chrome browser

Screenshot of the Iphey test result in a regular Chrome browser

At the same time, a correctly configured profile in Dolphin anty shows an impeccable result. That is, anti-fraud systems see that in front of them is an ordinary new user who is not encrypted in any way (and even if this is not the case in fact), looks natural, and behaves like all other decent users.

Screenshot of the Pixels can test result in the Dolphin anty browser profile

Screenshot of the Iphey test result in Dolphin anty browser profile

This is achieved not only by the fact that Dolphin anty uses real browser fingerprints. The antidetect mimics the real behavioral patterns of users. For example, using the Smart Paste function, you can paste any text as if it was typed by the user at an average speed. And the developers do not stop there — there are still many useful and interesting things ahead, which for the time being it is better to keep secret.

The widest functionality

Dolphin anty focuses not only on anonymity, but also on convenient profile management:

  • Mass import/export of profiles and cookies;
  • Cloning profiles with randomization of fingerprints;
  • Filtering by users, statuses, tags, work sites and proxies;
  • Statuses, notes and tags for easy navigation;
  • Massive change of proxy and IP address in one click.

By selecting profiles, they can be massively started and stopped, deleted, changed proxies, exported cookies and implemented scripts.

1 — filter. 2 — add a profile. 3 — a set of tags. 4 — delete. 5 and 6 — close and open browser profiles. 7 — change the proxy. 8 — transfer profiles to another user. 9 — export cookies. 10 — remove tags or assign them to a profile. 11 — run scripts.

In addition, at the bottom of the program there is a button for the trash of deleted profiles — after deletion, they fall into it, where they are stored for another 48 hours. During this time, they can be restored, or the necessary information can be pulled out of them.

Setting up the workspace.

Dolphin anty also provides for fitting the workspace to a convenient look, as well as thinking through scenarios.

Working with a proxy

Dolphin anty is designed for the most convenient work with proxies. Firstly, the proxy server can be hung on either one or many profiles (as many as you like). Secondly, the IP address can be changed with one click in any profile.

To change the IP, just click on the rounded arrow.

By the way, you can remove proxies from many profiles in a couple of clicks — just select them, select the “Change proxy” option and click on the “No proxy" button.

A separate section is devoted to the list of proxies, in which mass work with them is possible.

Proxies can be added, deleted, edited and checked for connection, as well as shared with team members.

Maximum quality and capabilities — minimum payment. Almost all Dolphin anty features (except scripts and teamwork) are available on a free tariff. Only the number of profiles working simultaneously is limited — no more than 10. For solo work, a free tariff may well be enough.

💎And why Asocks?

Asox is a universal solution, since their geo pool includes more than 150 countries and more than 7 million. IP addresses. By the way, unlike many analogues, the service does not ask for verification and KYC — you remain anonymous even for the provider itself.

Even more pleasant is the fact that 97% of iPads are launched from the first pop and work stably. Their response time is one of the shortest — from 0.97 seconds. up to 1.3 sec. At the same time, if you do not have any addresses connected, it does not matter - they will be replaced for you, and you will pay not for the number of servers used, but for traffic. The bid is $3 for 1 gigabyte. The address didn't connect and the traffic didn't pass through it — you don't pay anything.

Asocks provides three types of proxies: mobile, resident and static/dynamic from data centers. Of these, resident ones are especially effective, because they are created on the basis of a home and office Internet network. Anti-fraud systems by default trust fixed networks more than mobile ones. Targetologists, contextologists, SMM specialists, crypto traders mostly work via laptops or PCs, or use wi-fi, so stationary Internet looks more trusted than mobile. Consequently, resident proxies are more trustworthy.


🔥Thus Dolphin anty + Asocks is a fast connection and a high—quality connection, as well as the most convenient functionality for mass change of proxies and IP addresses in browser profiles. With such a bundle, you will not only create strong accounts one by one, but also manage them with a minimum number of manual actions.

✅Register on the Dolphin anty website right now and get a tariff for 10 profiles for free!